7 Tips for Starting Your New Dental Job

A new job is always a mixture of emotions, and beginning a dental job is no different. We know that many workers in the dental field stay with their employers for several years. However, changing jobs is something that happens to everyone eventually. To help you prepare, we’ve listed 7 things you might experience when starting a new dental job.

According to ADA, the number of dentists practicing in the States has increased from 163,000 in 2001 to 200,000 currently. With this growth rate, competitors for dental positions will continue to increase yearly. Here are a few things you can do to better your chances of success when leaving dental school and joining the workforce.

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Starting a new dental job soon? Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Make a good impression

When you received the news that you landed the job, chances are you were thrilled. And now that it’s your first day on the job, making a good impression is likely at the forefront of your mind. Keep in mind that they chose to hire YOU out of all other candidates because they believe you’re competent and capable. So relax –you got this!

Be willing to learn

You must be willing to learn as you start your career in dentistry. Learn from other dental practitioners, hygienists, and dental assistants. They’ve seen it all.

Always be willing to ask questions. It’s hard to admit you don’t know something, but asking questions is how you learn. You can be confident in your area of expertise while still asking about and seeking clarification for anything you don’t understand.

Consider all opportunities. By doing so, you might find your niche. If you currently practice general dentistry, try to figure out which type of dental work interests you the most. This information will come in handy later on if/when you decide to open up your own dental office, buy an already established one, or become a partner at the place where you’re working now.

Be well organized

As a dental professional, you are vital to the organization and operation of a dental office, as they juggle numerous responsibilities such as greeting patients, handling infection control, managing radiation safety procedures, working with technology, and strictly following HIPAA/OSHA regulations.

You may help patients with operations, make solutions, and take calls. You can assist with inventory and supplies as a dental assistant. As part of a team, you’re responsible for keeping things organized; being well-organized helps ensure that the team functions smoothly and successfully.

Get acquainted with labs and specialists

Take a trip to the local labs or meet specialists that the dental practice has formed relationships with. Inquire if the hiring dentist or business owner would be willing to accompany you and introduce you to important figures at laboratories and referring doctor’s offices, allowing you to begin establishing a professional relationship.

Alternatively, you might suggest organizing an open house where patients and other dental personnel who have recently joined the practice may meet with you and any other dentists that have recently joined. It’s critical for young dental workers to establish personal connections with their peers and clients.

Learn how the doctor works

Every dental office and dentist have their own unique quirks, so it’s important to find a good fit. When you first start at a new job, take the time to learn about your boss’ preferences and work style. It might seem like a lot at first, but if you focus, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Have great people skills

Many people feel anxious about going to the dentist. As a dental professional, your ability to put patients at ease with kind words and actions make you an outstanding member of the team. These abilities are known as soft skills.

Meeting new patients

Dental professionals enjoy their work since they like interacting with others. One of the best aspects of starting a new dental career is meeting all of the new patients at the workplace. Those new patients will soon become old friends as a result of your care.

On your first day, you’ll almost certainly meet with the rest of the office staff. However, if you work for a bigger dental practice, it may take some time to meet everyone. It’s difficult to remember everyone’s names; in particular, all of those new patients!

Apply for your new dental job today!

Now that you know some tips for starting your new dental job, it’s time to start applying. Check out our job board (click below) to find your perfect dental position. Good luck!